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The Categorically Romance Podcast, with Bree and Frederick Smith. Saturday, 3/25/2023.

If you’re not listening to The Categorically Romance Podcast, hosted by Aaron and Bree, you should. It’s a weekly podcast focusing on… you guessed it, categorical romance novels. I had a wonderful conversation with co-host Bree to discuss all my Black & LGBTQ romance novels, LGBTQ & […]

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Queer Joy Book Club. Discussion. Sunday, 8/29/21, 2-3 pm PST on IG Live.

The Queer Joy Book Club has chosen Busy Ain’t The Half Of It as the August 2021 selection. If you missed this event, you can watch here (it contains SPOILERS): Join us on Sunday, 8/29/21, 2 – 3 pm PST (5 – 6 pm EST) for […]

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